1. Dust Devil Brown Ale
    Dust Devil Brown Ale
    English Style Brown Ale with a roasty malt backbone and notes or caramel. 5.5% ABV
  2. Orange-Ginger Saison
    Orange-Ginger Saison
    Belgian Saison brewed with fresh ginger and local cara cara oranges. Slight spice from the ginger and fresh zest on the nose. 7% ABV
  3. US-60 Stout
    US-60 Stout
    Oatmeal Stout with notes of dark roasted coffee named after Route US-60 that connects our Surprise location and Downtown Phoenix location. 6.5%ABV
  4. Vortex Amber
    Vortex Amber
    American Style Amber with a well balanced maltiness and slight hop finish. We named this beer after the vortices located in Sedona. 5.0%ABV
  5. Rough Rider IPA
    Rough Rider IPA
    West Coast IPA featuring notes of citrus and pine. We named this beer after our favorite president, Teddy Roosevelt. 7%ABV 70 IBU's
  6. Lost Dutchman Golden Ale
    Lost Dutchman Golden Ale
    American Golden Ale with a light, crisp and clean malt character and slight hop note. This is our easiest drinking beer and our best seller. We named this after the story of the Lost Dutchmans treasure said to be buried in the Superstition Mountains. 5% ABV
  7. White Tank Wheat
    White Tank Wheat
    This is an American Style Wheat beer. You get a nice malty flavor and dry finish. We named this after the White Tank Mountains which are visible from our Surprise Brewery. 5%ABV
  8. PHX Porter
    PHX Porter
    American Style Porter. Rich chocolate maltiness with a slight hoppy finish. 6%ABV
  9. Blueberry Ale
    Blueberry Ale
    The Blueberry Ale has a base of the Lost Dutchman Golden Ale, and then we age it with blueberry puree for it's light purple color.
  10. Crown King Barleywine
    Crown King Barleywine
    This is the beer that won a bronze medal at the Los Angeles Intl. Beer Comp. It has a slight apricot and caramel flavor coming in at 14% ABV!
  11. InTentCity IPA
    InTentCity IPA
    InTentCity IPA is a West Coast Style IPA with notes of citrus, pine and tropical fruit. 7%ABV 70IBU's
  12. Hefeweizen
    This beer is a true to style German Style Hefeweizen with notes of banana and clove. 5%ABV
  13. Sound of Freedom IPA
    Sound of Freedom IPA
    Sound of Freedom IPA is a Mosaic hopped IPA with notes of mango and citrus. We named this beer after the sound of the engines that we hear from the F-35 Lightning's that fly over the brewery from LAFB. 7%ABV 70IBU's
  14. Mango Wheat
    Mango Wheat
    We added fresh mango to our White Tank Wheat for a super refreshing fruity wheat beer.
  15. Ak-48 Russian Imperial Stout
    Ak-48 Russian Imperial Stout
    A dark, viscous and roasty RIS coming in at 10%ABV
  16. Big Stick DIPA
    Big Stick DIPA
    Big Stick Double IPA comes in at 10% ABV and 100 IBU's with notes of pine.
  17. Chingona
    Chingona Mexican Lager is a Vienna Style Lager coming in at 6% ABV
  18. Dirty Dirndl
    Dirty Dirndl
    Dirty Dirndl is a German style Marzen released for Oktoberfest. This is a crisp and clean lager with a slight hop finish. 6%ABV
  19. Hell Bitch
    Hell Bitch
    Hell Bitch is a Belgian Tripel coming in at 10% ABV. This tripel has a slightly sweet tastes with a dryer, spicy finish.
  20. NExSW
    Northeast by Southwest is a New England style Hazy IPA. Tons of juicy hops.
  21. Copper Star Kolsch
    Copper Star Kolsch
    Copper Star is a German style Kolsch that features a fruit forward malt character.
  22. Van Buren Belgian Blonde
    Van Buren Belgian Blonde
    This is a Belgian Blonde ale with a floral nose and a spicy, dry finish. 7%ABV
  23. Vanta Black IPA
    Vanta Black IPA
    This black IPA has a roasted malt backbone with a hoppy finish. 7%ABV 60IBU's